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Wesley Crane

Wesley Crane Current UWE United States Champion

Nickname: The Night Fury, Big Time Superstar

Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 175 lbs.

From: Little Rock, AR

Birthday: Feb 27th

Pro Debut: March 15, 2014

Aliases: Wes Vyper, Wesley Allen, Luke Grayson

Feds Worked For: BPPW, ComPro, IZW, MSWA, PWTV, SRPW, UWE, WFC

Finisher: Phoenix Splash, D. O. A., Goodnight Moon, The Goblin Driver

Signature Moves: Identity Disorder, Moonsault, Curbstomp, The Initiation, Banishing Kick v2, Seated Inverted Cannonball


Career Highlights: -ComPro Tag Team Champion (w/ Thomas Knight)
-UWE United States Champion
-WFC Tag Team Champion (w/ Skyler Fayden)

Affiliates: Sophia, La Famiglia, The Supremacy, Skyler Fayden, Legion

Notable Feuds: The Initiative

Other Facts: -Son of pro wrestling ring announcer and manager Rick Vyper
-As Luke Grayson, he used the nicknames "The Gemini" and was billed from Gotham
-Was ring announcing for WFC as Wes Vyper until he was attacked by The Caballero Cartel on May 2, 2015
-Former member of La Famiglia
-Former member of The Supremacy
-Former member of Legion
-Voted Match of the Year (vs. Sam Stackhouse, Paul Puertorico, Brock Landers and El Fuego del Sol in a 5-Way Ladder Match) in the 2015 MSWA Year-End Awards
-Voted Match of the Year (vs. Sam Stackhouse vs. Paul Puertorico vs. Brock Landers vs. El Fuego del Sol) in the 2015 Oklafan Year-End Awards

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