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Saints of Pro Wrestling

Saints of Pro Wrestling

Members: Scott Sanders, Shawn Sanders, Tyson Jaymes, Buster Cherry, Brandon Barricade, Outlaw, Roc-N-Roll Cowboy, Chaz Sharpe

Pro Debut: July 13, 2014

Feds Worked For: BCW, ComPro, EmpCW, MSWA, SWCW

Finisher: The Move


Career Highlights: -MSWA Mid-South Tag Team Champions (2x; both w/ Sanders Twins & Sharpe [as a 3 man team])
-MSWA Oklahoma Champion (Shawn Sanders)
-SWCW Champion (Sharpe)
-SWCW All-American Champion (Cherry)

Affiliates: Brock Landers

Notable Feuds: C. M. Burnham, Bad Boy, The K. C. Wolves, Spike, Misty Lynn, K .C, Wolves

Other Facts: -The Saints of Pro Wrestling were formed due to Bad Boy's decision to make C. M. Burnham Commissioner of MSWA. Roc-N-Roll Cowboy put the Saints together and vowed to destroy MSWA.
-Outlaw was not an original member. He was brought in to MSWA by Bad Boy, but betrayed him later in the show. He was removed from the group on November 2, 2014.
-Chaz Sharpe joined the Saints after betraying Kevin James Sanchez at the November 1st SWCW event. He was removed from the group when he lost an MSWA Mid-South Title Tournament match to Rick Russo. He rejoined the Saints when he assisted Shawn Sanders in defeating Vinnie Pacheco for the MSWA Oklahoma Title.
-Buster Cherry & Brandon Barricade left the group in April, 2015 because they felt that the Saints went too far in kidnapping and torturing MSWA Commissioner C. M. Burnham
-Tyson Jaymes won his freedom from the group after defeating the Sanders Twins in a Handicap Match
-The Sanders Twins & Chaz Sharpe represented the Saints in EmpCW

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