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Duke Swellington

Duke Swellington

Nickname: The Silver Fox; Diamond

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 241 lbs.

From: Desert Bluffs, AZ

Birthday: Dec 4th

Pro Debut: October 13, 2001

Aliases: Outcast, Anarchy [1st], El Anarquia, Kenny Campbell, Kenneth Campbell, Ken Masters

Feds Worked For: ACW, ComPro, FCW, GWF (2016), IZW, MSWA, MWA, NWA-OK, OPW, OCW, OWP, SRPW, SWCW, TPW, WFC, WWG, Extreme Pro Wrestling (KS), Global Wrestling Federation (KS), Mid-States Wrestling (AR/KS/MO), Professional Championship Wrestling (TX), Total Texas Wrestling (TX), West Coast Wrestling Company (CA)

Finisher: Duke Valley Driver; The Dukeconoclasm

Signature Moves: Frog Splash, Velvet Love Lock, Prozac Plunge, Falcon Arrow, Heavy Leg, Slingshot Backbreaker, The Unsafe Driver


Career Highlights: -ACW Hardcore Champion (2x)
-ACW Institutional Champion
-ACW Light Heavyweight Champion (2x)
-ACW Tag Team Champion (2x; both w/ Tyler Bateman)
-ComPro Oklahoma X Division Champion
-ComPro Tag Team Champion (3x, 2 w/ Dustin Heritage; 1 by himself)
-IZW Hardcore Champion
-IZW Impact Division Champion (5x)
-IZW Tag Team Champion (w/ Tyler Bateman)
-OCW Oklahoma Light Heavyweight Champion
-SRPW Hardcore Champion
-SRPW X Division Champion (2x)
-TPW Champion
-TPW Light Heavyweight Champion

Affiliates: ICF, VIP Crew, Fraternity of Sin, Tyler Bateman, Timmy J, Adam Thornstowe, Mitch Carter, Luc Stecher, Excellence Personified, The Future Hall of Famers

Notable Feuds: Justin Lee, Shane Morbid, Mitch Carter, Adam Thornstowe, The Re-Gex, Dustin Heritage, Seth Allen, Jermaine Johnson, Kikutaro

Other Facts: -Half-Brother of pro wrestling manager Boss Campbell. They were estranged for many years but are now on good terms since splitting a holiday goose during Christmas 2011.
-Graduated from Union High School in Tulsa, OK
-As Outcast, he used the nickname "The Human Hate Machine"
-As Kenny Campbell, he used the nicknames "The Velvet Love God", "The Vulture", "Outkast", "No Frills", "Bad Intentions", and "Mr. Armageddon". Also was sometimes billed as hailing from The Mean Streets of Parts Unknown, WCW Special Forces, and Silent Hill, SC
-As Kenneth Campbell, he used the nickname "Pastor"
-As Ken Masters, he used the nickname "Diamond" and was asked by Excellence Personified members to show the fans his pinky ring
-As Duke Swellington, he has also been announced as "The Master of the Kermit Arms", "The King of the Kung Fu Grip", "The Banana in Your Fruit Bowl of Love", and "The Weapon of Mass Seduction".
-Former member of ICF
-Former member of The Fraternity of Sin
-Former member of The VIP Crew
-Current member of Excellence Personified
-Former member of The Future Hall of Famers
-Teamed with Justin Lee against Northern Threat (Luc Lapointe & Jean Paul) & The VIP Crew (Rocco & Vinnie Valentino) in his debut, a Triple Threat Match, which his team lost by DQ
-Temporarily forced Justin Lee to leave OCW by defeating him in a Loser-Leaves-OCW Match for the OCW Oklahoma Light Heavyweight Title
-Participant in the 2002 Southern States Super 8 Tournament
-Former commissioner of SRPW
-Former commissioner of Mid-States Wrestling
-Voted Most Improved Wrestler of the Year (as Outcast, tied w/ Karl Davis) by the TPW fans in 2003.
-Voted Match of the Year (w/ Timmy J & Bobby Dalton vs. West Coast, Inc) by the SRPW Fans in 2004.
-Inducted into the IZW Hall of Impact on December 20, 2008
-Ranked # 7 in the 2005 Oklafan Top 50 (as Kenny Campbell)
-Ranked # 16 in the 2007 Oklafan Top 50 (as Kenny Campbell)
-Ranked # 42 in the 2008 Missouri Wrestling Revival Top 100 Wrestlers in the Midwest (as Kenny Campbell)
-Ranked #29 in the 2008 Oklafan Top 50 (as Kenny Campbell)
-Ranked #28 in the 2010 Oklafan Top 50 (as Kenny Campbell)
-Ranked #18 in the 2011 Oklafan Top 50 (as Kenny Campbell/Duke Swellington)

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