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Mr. Nasty

Mr. Nasty Current WFC Heavyweight Champion

Nickname: The Creole Pimp; The Creole Soul

Height: 6' 4"

Weight: Pimpin in at 230 lbs.

From: In between yo mommas sheets

Birthday: Oct 6th

Pro Debut: April 21, 2012

Aliases: "Mr. Nasty" Robert Lee

Feds Worked For: BPPW, ComPro, IZW, MStW, MSWA, SRPW, UWE, WFC, Hometown Heroes (KS), Iconic Heroes of Wrestling Excellence (TX)

Finisher: Soul Breaker (Suplex into a neckbreaker onto the knee) , Nasty Express (Flying Hip Drop), Cajun Frog Splash

Signature Moves: Wet Dreams (Running Spin Kick), Pimp Slap (Spinning slap to the face), Booty Call


Career Highlights: -BPPW Oklahoma Champion
-SRPW Champion
-SRPW United States Champion
-UWE Champion
-UWE Tag Team Champion (2x; both w/ Ace Archuleta)
-UWE United States Champion
-WFC Champion
-WFC Hometown Heroes Champion (3x)
-WFC Tag Team Champion (w/ Tim Rockwell)
-Winner of the 2017 WFC Rumble For A Cause

Affiliates: The Bullies, Ace Archuleta, Mrs. Galaxy, Bull Schmitt, Steve Cox, Marcus Sinclair, The Caballero Cartel, D'Licious

Notable Feuds: K. C. Wolves, Dexter Hardaway, Striker

Other Facts: -Not to be confused by the wrestler of the same name that wrestled for Compound Pro Wrestling on July 19, 2013
-Husband of pro wrestling valet D'Licious
-Sometimes billed from Baton Rouge, LA
-Graduated from East Central High School in Tulsa, OK
-Attended college at Langston University in Langston, OK and at Emporia University in Emporia, KS.
-Lost to Bull Schmitt in his pro debut
-One-time member of The Bullies
-Former member of The Caballero Cartel
-Former member of The Brotherhood
-Voted Fresh Face of the Year in the 2012 Oklafan Year-End Awards
-Voted Hometown Hero of the Year in the 2014 WFC Year-End Awards.
-Voted Most Popular Wrestler of the Year in the 2015 Oklafan Year-End Awards
-Voted Feud of the Year (w/ Tim Rockwell vs. The Cartel) in the 2015 WFC Year-End Awards
-Voted Most Popular Wrestler of the Year in the 2016 Year-End Awards
-Ranked #36 in the 2012 Oklafan Top 50
-Ranked #9 in the 2013 Oklafan Top 50
-Ranked #10 in the 2014 Oklafan Top 50
-Ranked #1 in the 2015 Oklafan Top 50
-Ranked #3 in the 2016 Okafan Top 50

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