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Excellence Personified

Excellence Personified

Members: Michael Barry, Jack Legacy, Dustin Heritage, Lars Manderson/Heinz Skin Velvet/Sven Jolley, Se7en, Ken Masters/Kenny Campbell/Duke Swellington, Brad Michaels, X-Cal, Boss Campbell, Hadji, Gavin Dixon, & Mike Iles

Pro Debut: June 27, 2009

Feds Worked For: ComPro, GWF (2016), MSWA, MWA, NWA-OK, TAP, TOPW, BYEW, WFC, WLW, TxPW, Arkansas Pro Wrestling (AR), Ozark Wrestling Alliance (MO)

Signature Moves: Audience Assisted Abdominal Stretch Chain


Career Highlights: -BYEW Champion (Barry)
-ComPro Tag Team Champions (5x; 2 w/ Heritage & Swellington; 1 each w/ Legacy & Se7en, Legacy & Heritage, and Swellington by himself)
-ComPro Oklahoma X Division Champion (2x; 1 each for Se7en & Swellington)
-ComPro Showtime Champion (Barry)
-MWA Champion (2x; 1 each for Barry and Legacy)
-MWA MAX-Division Champion (Heritage)
-Southern Tag Team Champions (Heritage & Legacy)
-TAP Tag Team Champions (Heritage, Se7en, Barry, & Legacy [as a 4-man team])

Affiliates: Kurtis Riggs, Shane Morbid, Angel Medina, Sandy Partlow

Notable Feuds: Brandon Groom, Blake Albright, Jeff Starchild, Legion 13, Tim Rockwell, Nathan Estrada & Kirk Chalmers

Other Facts: -Not to be confused with the tag team of Brandon K & Scottie Gash who used the same name in the northeast part of the country
-Excellence Personified was officially formed on June 27, 2009 in ComPro with members being Michael Barry, Jack Legacy, Se7en, & Mike Iles
-The BYEW version consisted of Michael Barry, Dustin Heritage, & Brad Michaels
-The ComPro version originally consisted of Michael Barry, Jack Legacy, Se7en, and Mike Iles. They were later joined by Dustin Heritage, Lars Manderson, and Duke Swellington. X-Cal joined the ComPro version of the group on August 14, 2010 but that was his only appearance with the group. Upon re-entering ComPro in 2017, the group consisted of Mike Iles, Duke Swellington, & Dustin Heritage
-The MWA version originally consisted of Michael Barry, Jack Legacy, and Dustin Heritage. It was revealed on May 7, 2010 that Mike Iles was a member all along, but hid his membership from the fans. Ken Masters was a member for only one show also on May 7, 2010. Brad Michaels joined the group on September 10, 2010. Barry left the MWA version of the group on March 4, 2011 after receiving an ultimatum from Iles regarding his #1 contendership to the MWA Heavyweight Title.
-The MSWA version consisted of Jack Legacy, Se7en, Duke Swellington, & Mike Iles
-The NWA-OK version consisted of Michael Barry & Lars Manderson
-The TAP version consisted of Michael Barry, Jack Legacy, Dustin Heritage, Se7en, Mike Iles, & Lars Manderson
-The TOPW version consisted of Michael Barry, Jack Legacy, & Mike Iles.
-The TxPW version consisted of Se7en and Mike Iles
-The WLW version of the group consisted of Michael Barry, Dustin Heritage & Mike Iles
-The GWF (2016) version of the group consists of Michael Barry, Jack Legacy, Duke Swellington, Boss Campbell, and Mike Iles
-The EmpCW version of the group consisted of Gavin Dixon and Mike Iles
-The WFC version originally consisted of Michael Barry, Duke Swellington, and Mike Iles and entered WFC on September 10, 2016. Dustin Heritage joined them on February 4, 2017.
-When Lars Manderson joined the group, he was only a full fledged member in ComPro. He was pledging for membership in the MWA version, but due to several events which cost EP matches, they announced that he was fired on February 6, 2010. He rejoined the group in TAP on May 8, 2010 in a non-wrestling role. He returned to competition and was a member in TAP, ComPro, NWA-OK, and APW.
-Se7en represented the group in GPCW, SWCW, and IZW by wearing his EP shirt while wrestling. However, no other EP members have joined him in those feds, aside from being managed by Brad Michaels at one GPCW show on April 16, 2010 in Cache.
-Brad Michaels was EP's liason for the southern region of Oklahoma and managed Se7en in GPCW for one show. He also served as manager in the BYEW version of the group in Mike Iles' absence, and has wrestled both as a member and an enemy of the group in MWA.
-Hadji was the group's man-servant in the TAP version of the group and sometimes serves as an adjunct ring announcer for the faction.
-Boss Campbell became a member on April 23, 2016 and is Sergeant at Arms for EP security
-Barry & Manderson tagged together as The Inglourious Bodies in ComPro and tagged together as Excellence Personified in NWA-OK
-Legacy & Heritage tagged together as The Jet Setters
-Legacy & Se7en tagged together as The NorCal Shoot Club
-Voted Tag Team of the Year (Barry, Legacy, Heritage & Se7en) in the 2010 Oklafan Year-End Awards.

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