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Nikki Knight

Nikki Knight Current ASP Women's Champion
Current ComPro Ladies Champion

Height: 5' 3

Weight: 135 lbs.

From: Battle Creek, MI

Birthday: Mar 7th

Pro Debut: February 2005

Feds Worked For: ASP, BCW, BPPW, ComPro, EmpCW, EMWF, IZW, IWR, LA, MStW, MSWA, NWA-TXO, SRPW, SWCW, UWE Midwest Wrestling Alliance (KS/NE/IA/SD), Xtreme Wrestling Entertainment (KS)


Career Highlights: -ASP Women's Champion
-ComPro Ladies Champion
-GPW Women's Champion
-MSWA Ladies Champion (2x)
-XWE Women's Champion

Affiliates: Dexter Hardaway, David Kyzer, X-Rated, Aaron Cross, Eric Rose, Kevin Morgan, Nemesis, The Franchise Players, Angel Blue, Striker, Maddox Jones, The Rock Star Mafia, The Australian Foundation

Other Facts: -Daughter of pro wrestling referee George Knight
-For SWCW storyline purposes, she was billed as the biological daughter of pro wrestler Outlaw, the niece of pro wrestler Big Daddy Dominator and pro wrestling valet Talon and niece (by marriage) of pro wrestler Dexter Hardaway
-Graduated from Union City High School in Union City, OK
-Former member of X-Rated
-Former member of Nemesis
-Began appearing on IZW's "Impact TV" as the IZW makeup girl. She also served as a backstage correspondent.
-Lost her debut match to Killista on April 4, 2015
-Wrestled Nurse Sanity in the first women's match in EmpCW history
-Voted Newcomer of the Year in the 2015 MSWA Year-End Awards
-Voted Newcomer of the Year in the 2015 IWR Year-End Awards
-Voted Most Popular Wrestler of the Year in the 2016 MSWA Year-End Awards
-Ranked #14 in the 2016 Oklafan Top 50

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